New Windows 11 Features – A Look at What to Expect

News of Microsoft's new OS, Windows 11, has stirred a lot of talk in the tech world. The buzz is warranted as the new OS looks and feels new and different.

New Windows 11 Features – A Look at What to Expect

News of Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 11, has stirred a lot of talk in the tech world. The buzz is warranted as the new OS looks and feels new and different. It is different from (and better than) previous operating systems in many aspects. It is packed with dozens of new exciting features that promise to improve the quality of users’ experience.

So, what are the new features on Windows 11, and how is it better than previous operating systems? Here is a glimpse into what this new OS has to offer.

A Refreshed Start Menu

The start menu features several changes and improvements that make it easier to operate. The Start icon is now positioned at the center of the taskbar instead of the bottom-left, for starters. This new position makes it easier and quicker to access.

The start menu also looks and feels different. Accessibility is a priority. Consequently, the menu displays pinned apps and recommends your favorite apps. Additionally, the search bar gives you access to every file and program on your computer. Another notable change is the absence of live tiles. Overall, the changes give the new start menu a Mac OS look and feel.

Neat File Explorer

Microsoft also made several subtle changes to its file explorer. The most striking aspect is the new neat, simplified user interface. Additionally, the ribbon design introduced with Windows 8 is gone, and in its place is a more robust header menu packed with new icons.

Accessibility is an important aspect in the new file explorer, again. Consequently, the header offers access to a wide range of commands, including cut, copy, paste, share, delete, rename, and create new folders. The new context menu looks and feels less cluttered and makes it easier to access any file on your computer.

A Robust Settings App

The settings app has undergone significant changes, and it looks and feels different on Windows 11. The new changes make the app look appealing and improve access and navigation.

The new settings app is neat. It positions the PC icon at the top and provides crucial details such as the name, model, and windows update status. Additionally, the different categories making up the system are listed below with links to sub-categories, making it easier to navigate every part of your PC. Additionally, you can search for any setting or program via the search bar.

Snap Layouts

Many people have been working from their computers since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Microsoft has offered several remote (work from home) working solutions. Now, Windows 11 seems to be optimized for supporting a remote working approach.

Working from your computer will be easier with Snap Layouts. This feature enables you to divide and spread out different windows on your computer’s screen with one click. This makes it easier to multitask when working with multiple programs. This feature is easily accessible by hovering the cursor over any window’s maximize button.

Speaking of remote working solutions, it is also worth noting that the new OS comes with a pre-installed Microsoft Teams program. This platform is packed with a range of remote working solutions and supports a range of communication options.


Microsoft tried popularizing widgets when it released Windows Vista, but that didn’t work out well. However, widgets are back with Windows 11, and they are robust, practical, and convenient.

Microsoft hopes to offer a smartphone experience with its new widgets. The widgets slide out from the side and measure about the width of a fairly large smartphone screen.

The widgets provide updates on a wide range of aspects, including the weather, news, stock markets, and anything else that you would like to add. Consequently, you don’t need to reach for your smartphone whenever you need to catch up on new developments.

Android Apps

One of the most exciting things about Windows 11 is that it will integrate some Android apps. Microsoft announced that users can download and install a range of Android apps, including popular apps such as TikTok and many mobile games.

However, users will have to sign up on the Amazon Appstore to access this new feature. Additionally, the range of available apps will be limited, but this is expected to change over time as Microsoft rolls out updates to expand the new OS. Consequently, users expect the different OS platforms to merge even more in the future.

Virtual Desktops

Why work with one desktop when you can have as many as you need. For example, you can have a work desktop that contains only work-related files and programs to eliminate distractions. You could also have a personal desktop featuring all of your pictures, music, and other personal files. Windows 11 makes it possible to do this using its virtual desktop feature.

Virtual desktops will help keep your PC more organized and aid with multitasking and working from home.

Better Xbox Tech

Gamers will also appreciate the extra gaming power packed in Windows 11. The OS features a new and improved version of Xbox, which has been dubbed Game Pass. This new application offers easy access to hundreds of the best PC games and vast online gaming platforms.

Windows 11 is also designed to leverage your PC’s power for a better gaming experience. For example, HR is supported on compatible machines, and it helps improve the game’s lighting, contrast, and overall graphics. Additionally, gamers can download and install games and their components via Direct Storage, freeing up space and enabling games to run flawlessly and faster.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Windows 11 looks and feels new and better. It offers something for everyone, from gamers looking for a more realistic gaming experience to professionals working on their PC.

Windows 11 will be available by the end of the year, and Windows 10 users can get it as an update. However, your PC must meet the minimum requirements, including a minimum RAM of 4GB, 64GB ROM storage, a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and a modern graphics card.

There is more to learn about Windows 11, and your curiosity is warranted. Realized Solutions would be glad to satisfy your curiosity, so get in touch with us if you have any questions about the new OS.