Windows 11 Services In Connecticut

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Windows 11 Services In Connecticut

Microsoft has unveiled the next-gen of its Windows desktop software, called Windows 11. The redesigned software, coming out this fall as a free upgrade from Windows 10, is the first major update in six years. It’s sleeker and includes features meant to make multitasking easier.

According to, the newest operating system is the most secure and productive version of Windows today and is ideal for hybrid work.

Business owners will also benefit from the increased collaboration and tighter integration with Microsoft Teams.

Preparing for the Upgrade

Whenever there’s an upgrade, such as a new operating system, companies need to plan. This way, they can ensure a smooth transition without disrupting their technology infrastructure or business operations. Failing to prepare can leave businesses with unexpected downtime, confused employees, and an affected bottom line.

Windows 11 packs a range of great features that will improve collaboration and productivity, boost performance and security and enhance multitasking. So, it’s something you should be planning for. Here are a few ways to prepare.

Schedule IT Help in Advance

As soon as Windows 11 rolls out, businesses throughout Connecticut will be calling IT experts to help with the upgrade. Most businesses will want the experts to do the work over the weekends or on less busy days. So, if you want to limit disruptions during busy days, it’s best to pre-schedule IT help soon to get the timing you’d like.

Check Compatibility for your Devices

According to Microsoft, your device must be running Windows 10, version year 2004 or later to upgrade. Microsoft has a free PC Health check app that you can run to be 100% sure you have no issues with Windows 11. There are also other device compatibility requirements specific to apps you’d like to install that you need to consider.

Train your Team on the New Features

Windows 11 comes with a range of exciting features, some of which can be intimidating to new users. So, it’s best to train your team in advance to take advantage of the features as soon as you upgrade your systems. And you don’t have to do the hard work – you can have your IT experts help out.

Windows 11 Features

Better Performance

Windows 11 promises to be the best performing Microsoft OS to date, a quality that most businesses in Connecticut would appreciate. Although the company hasn’t issued any hard data, it says the new OS will have faster boot times and authentication service Windows Hello. Users will also enjoy quicker web browsing. What’s more, Windows 11 is said to use less energy, translating to longer battery life. This can come in handy when working on the go.

Consistent for IT

It’s easy to adopt app cloud management and app compatibility with Windows 11. You can migrate with confidence knowing all your personalized apps, settings, and content from Windows 10 will still work, backed by the App Assure promise. Microsoft is committed to helping you ensure your apps work on Windows 11.

Team Productivity

The revamped user interface is perhaps the most interesting part of the new Windows. It looks better than ever. Now, each UI and window element has rounded corners. The new interface is less cluttered but provides the most essential options. The Taskbar is also centered, but you can move it back to the side. Generally, the UI is more simplistic, helping boost productivity. As Microsoft puts is, the simplified and streamlined UI reduces employee cognitive load.

Increased Collaboration

The Microsoft Teams integration takes video calls and meetings to another level. The tech giant revealed that users would be able to launch directly into Team meetings and chats with a touch of a dial through an icon on the taskbar. With the deeper Teams integration, you can now mute, unmute, share content, auto-blur, or cancel noise from the taskbar.

Improved Multitasking Support

Additionally, the new OS also allows teams to stay easily organized with Snap Groups and Snap Layout. Meaning, you can arrange your open windows in different layouts to display information easily and not have to worry about redoing this each time because Windows 11 will remember. Windows 11 also remembers the apps you’ve been using and lets you group them together.

So, if you or your team is working on something that needs multiple apps in a multi-window layout, you will have easy access to that in the future too. And the best part is that these functions will work nicely with multiple PCs, making it easy to multitask on multiple levels.

Improved Security

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is secure, offering a Zero Trust-ready operating system with robust built-in security,  encryption, hardware-based isolation, and malware protection. The Zero Trust model assumes breach and verifies all access requests irrespective of access resource or origin. Windows 11 also simplifies the steps to deploy Windows Hello for Business, making it easy to go password-less. Businesses of all sizes could definitely use an additional layer of security. However, we still recommend investing in top-tier security features to protect your business against cyberattacks.

Annual Updates

The new Windows OS will be updated yearly with 36 months of support for Enterprise and 24 months of support for Pro and Home Editions. This is in contrast to the twice-a-year feature updates for Windows 10. The less frequent feature update is big for companies as it will help reduce the churn rate on IT departments. It also gives customers more time to settle in on all the new features.

Benefits Of Upgrading

These features are great for businesses in Connecticut. Windows 11 pays a stronger emphasis on security, user experience, productivity and the freedom to work virtually. As with anything new, it’ll take a while for your team to adapt, but in the long run, it could help increase productivity.

In our view, the new Windows OS may streamline operations. But if you are still on the fence, then you should consider giving the 10-day grace period a try. If you still don’t like it, then you can go back to Windows 10. But you should know that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 in the next four years, at which point you’ll need to upgrade. So, you probably don’t want to wait until 2025 to upgrade

Realized Solutions can help your Connecticut business review your systems to ensure they’re ready for Windows 11. We can also train your team and offer any additional Window 11 needs that you may have. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.