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Protect Your Business with Proactive Windows 10 Support in Connecticut

If your business stores or collects information from customers, suppliers, partners, or anyone else, you are likely to be a potential target for a cyberattack. A data breach can be catastrophic for small to medium businesses (SMBs) because of the legal ramifications around privacy and security. It can affect your reputation even if the breach is fixed — plus, hackers can gain access to sensitive financial information or even crash your website. Don’t wait for a potential data breach, protect your business with proactive Windows 10 support in Connecticut.

Windows 10 Support In Connecticut

Be Aware of These Windows 10 Security Flaws

Microsoft rolled out a massive Windows 10 upgrade to millions of PC users around the world. In its official release information for Windows 10 v2004, also known as the ‘May 2020 Update’ the company listed 10 significant “Known Issues” which are currently active. These include problems with Bluetooth, audio, gaming, connectivity, graphics card drivers, and system stability. While the May 2020 update of Windows10 brings some welcome security upgrades, there are still some concerns as well. Microsoft has now issued more urgent update instructions for one serious new security vulnerability. The new security vulnerability is capable of exploiting a network communications protocol used in multiple versions of Windows 10 (1903, 1909 and 2004) and Windows Server. This vulnerability is wormable and could be used for data theft. The experts at Realized Solutions strongly recommends that you proactively install further updates for this vulnerability as soon as they become available.

Avoiding Common Security Problems

Configuring Windows 10 PCs to avoid security problems can be a challenge, particularly if you need to monitor changes on an ongoing basis. After initial configuration, there are still multiple security settings that may require regular maintenance and review to ensure your devices are performing at their peak capacity and with exceptional security. Perhaps the most important aspect of installing Windows 10 on a PC is ensuring that users or administrators are installing all updates on a regular and predictable schedule. Microsoft’s current “Windows as a Service” model makes these updates a vital component in your IT infrastructure strategy.

Getting Windows 10 Support in Connecticut Can Help with Managing Updates

By default, Windows 10 devices download and install quality updates as soon as they’re available on Microsoft’s update servers. Running Windows 10 Home, it’s possible for individual users to take any action that will effectively stop updates for up to 7 days before allowing them to restart. Users that are running Pro, Enterprise or Education editions of Windows 10 are able to pause updates for over a month, with administrators having additional rights to defer installation of updates to verify quality. This limit is up to 30 days, so administrators have an opportunity to review before committing to the updates on a broader scale.

Choosing when to install updates involves a trade-off as it does with all security decisions. Installing updates immediately after they’re released usually offers the best protection; deferring updates makes it possible to minimize unscheduled downtime associated with those updates. Using the Windows Update for Business features built into Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions, you can also defer the installation of quality updates by up to 30 days and you can also delay feature updates by as much as two years, depending on the edition.

To avoid being an easy target, our experts point out that you need to change Windows 10 settings to enable the ability to view file extensions by default. In the fast-paced world of technology, every decision seems to have an endless array of options. The team here at Realized Solutions is experienced in keeping your data secure which means we know how to solve your business challenges. Contact the experts at Realized Solutions at (860) 410-0670 or via email to [email protected] for a free assessment of your Windows 10 security protocols.