Top Five Benefits of Using Microsoft 365

If there's one thing that distinguishes Microsoft, then it's the tech giant's continuous efforts to improve the workspace and make routine office tasks more manageable.

Top Five Benefits of Using Microsoft 365

A day doesn’t go by before our team receives this question: Isn’t Microsoft 365 just the traditional MS Office suite moved to the cloud? And our answer is always the same — yes, it’s that and much, much more.

If you are among the many executives wondering if it’s necessary to integrate MS 365 into your corporate environment, this article is for you. Discover the top five benefits that your Southington CT organization stands to relish by just moving to Microsoft 365.

How Would Businesses in Southington CT Benefit From Upgrading Their Office 365 Subscriptions To Microsoft 365?

Additional Apps & Services

If there’s one thing that distinguishes Microsoft, then it’s the tech giant’s continuous efforts to improve the workspace and make routine office tasks more manageable. And that’s what stands out for MS 365 — it comes with a plethora of tools and services to help you get more work done as convenient and fast as possible.

If you are already using Microsoft Office’s box software version, you know that it only has Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and just a handful of essential services. Well, MS 365 also includes these core apps and a ton of other useful tools. Some notable ones include MS Forms, MS Teams, Power BI, SharePoint, Yammer, Stream, OneDrive for Business, etc. These additional apps result from Microsoft’s years of research on ways to improve the workspace, making MS 365 more useful.

Better Licensing & Easy Scalability

The initial approach of selling Office as a box software had lots of challenges for consumers. First, it wasn’t easy to customize your workspace based on your unique needs. Quite often, users were left with underused or overstretched tools as they scaled up or down.

Once you bought a box software package, you had to stick with it until you acquired another one. With MS 365, you only license what you need. You have the option of subscribing per user or month/year, giving you the flexibility to mix and match tools as your needs change.

Work From Anywhere

The MS 365 suite is entirely based in the Cloud, meaning that you can access it from any device with an internet connection.

Carrying work home is as simple as saving it on OneDrive and accessing it remotely via your phone or tablet. What’s more — a single enterprise license allows you up to 5 PC/5 Mac/5 phones/5 tablet installs per user. Microsoft deliberately made this adjustment to facilitate users to work from anywhere, anytime.

Automatic Upgrades

Escape the hassle of monitoring and manually installing software updates and security fixes with Microsoft 365’s auto-update feature.

You can decide to preset the upgrades to automatically download for selected users, e.g., your  IT team, who’ll test them before approval for the other users. This can help you avoid situations like the SolarWinds hack, where organizations blindly installed compromised software updates.

Your subscription fee covers all upgrades and security fixes. So, you don’t have to worry about any extra charges.

Collaborate More & Better

You can now create and edit files with colleagues miles apart as though you’re in the same room, thanks to additional tools like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. MS Teams, for instance, enables users to co-author files while seeing one other’s real-time audits and conveniently switch between group chats, calls, and video conferences.

How Does Microsoft 365 Deliver Convenience & Security?

Most executives know these MS 365 benefits but are reluctant to switch because of the widespread misconception that the cloud has many cybersecurity loopholes. The truth is that no particular business environment is any safer or riskier. It all depends on your security measures and how you use them.

Microsoft 365 has a built-in award-winning security system that includes multifactor authentication, spam filtering, AD logins, SSO, advanced threat detection, among many other intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms. It may not guarantee surefire protection, but it’s the best in the market so far.

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