What Are Your Technology Plans Post-COVID-19? (Tips & Insights)

COVID-19 has left its mark and changed the way we do business. Has your technology plan changed in response?

What Are Your Technology Plans in a Post-COVID-19 World?

The coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm, and in all honesty, has been one of the greatest challenges we’ve all faced in decades, especially businesses around the world that were forced to shut down or embrace remote work. The way we live, work, and connect with others has been altered – at least for the time being. But fortunately, the coronavirus pandemic managed to amplify innovation for many individuals and businesses alike. It’s forced us out of our comfort zone, and in turn, into more inventive states.

So what are your plans for technology in a post-COVID-19 world? Or more accurately, a world where lockdowns are no longer in place, but social distancing is? For many organizations, remote work is here to stay. Gartner surveyed 317 CFOs to find out their plans for continuing to operate in a post-coronavirus world:

  • 74% of CFOs plan to switch previously on-premises employees to remote work post-coronavirus.
  • 81% of CFOs plan to exceed their contractual obligations to hourly workers via remote work to offer flexible schedules.
  • 13% of CFOs have already cut real estate expenses with another 9% planning to do the same.

What Are Your Technology Plans Post-COVID-19?

COVID-19: A Catalyst For Change Around The World

The need for innovation is greater than ever before with COVID-19 acting as a catalyst for change around the world. We know that many organizations will continue with remote work, but strategies must be in place to ensure your remote workforce is successful. This means remote workers need access to:

  • Innovative collaboration tools
  • Enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions
  • Remote technology support

Naturally, as organizations around the world rushed to embrace remote work, a lot of efforts were “good enough” instead of well-planned and executed.

Are You Confident In Your Remote Work Strategy?

If you’re not confident in your remote work strategy, it’s time to make some changes. Here’s what our clients have found helpful to ensure a successful remote work environment:

  1. Finding the right collaboration tools to give your team members the ability to access data and applications from any device or location, as well as communicate with one another with ease. This may include:
    • Microsoft 365, which includes the popular video conferencing software known as Microsoft Teams
    • VoIP business phones that allow you to make and receive calls over the internet as opposed to traditional phone lines.
  2. Implementing strong security measures that keep your team members safe against all types of threats. This may include:
    • VPN technology to create a secure tunnel between the user and the network they’re connecting to.
    • Enterprise-grade antivirus software, spam filtering, and encryption wherever necessary.
  3. Providing remote support whenever necessary with a team of technology experts who are ready and able to provide assistance to your team members around-the-clock. They should be reachable through:
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Web portal

Do You Need To Make Some Changes?

If you’ve been working remotely but you’re not confident in your remote work strategy, we’re here to help. Even if you have an internal technology team, we can augment their capabilities to offer additional skill-sets, availability, and expertise. You get:

  • Access to an entire team of skilled experts for a flat-rate monthly fee
  • Greater availability as we can assist you with support after-hours or on weekends
  • A range of services, including:
    • Business continuity planning
    • Strategic technology planning
    • Around-the-clock monitoring
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Responsive help desk support
    • Cloud solutions
    • And much more

You can enjoy more productivity, fewer costs, and a greater competitive edge, despite an economic downturn. You simply need the right technology guidance to embrace innovation.

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