Southington CT IT Company Founder Guest On “The MSP Show”

John Beyer shares his story on becoming one of the top IT services company in Southington CT. Call us to learn more.

Realized Solutions President John Beyer Shares his Story and Personal Insight into The IT Managed Services Industry

John Beyer’s first experience with IT work came from the Air Force but it didn’t end once he finished serving. In a recent interview with the MSP show, John offers insight into his industry and how it works to help companies throughout the United States improve IT operations.

John was recently a guest on the Ulistic MSP Show and shared his insights into running a successful IT services company in Southington, CT.

Getting Started

The Air Force taught me how to use computers, and once I was discharged from the Air Force, I got into helping businesses with their computers. I began working as a partner with a New York City IT firm that had branch offices in various states but found I needed expert help to better understand business IT needs, as these differed from military IT set-ups. Thankfully, my then-partners helped me apply my military IT training to the business world so I could better meet civilian IT needs.

In 2003, I bought out the Connecticut office from my NY partners. Realized Solutions was born from the purchase. The firm started with a mere five employees but has grown to over forty employees today.

What does Realized Solutions Do?

Many firms advertise that they write custom solutions, but really what they’re doing is customizing SharePoint. Realized Solutions, on the other hand, builds its software from the ground up. The firm’s software developers are skilled, certified professionals who carefully analyze a company’s needs and requirements, come up with software solutions to help a business save time, money, and hassle, and then turn the needed solutions into reality by creating a brand-new software program that meets the company’s exact needs. Realized Solutions employs both IT hardware experts and IT development technicians, and both departments work together to map out, design and install the new software.

We’ve also helped companies that needed to create an efficient, secure work-at-home set-up to do so. Our firm recently partnered with three large medical practices to create a telemedicine set-up that enables their medical professionals to work remotely not just now but long-term. Realized Solutions isn’t just about solving current problems but understanding a company’s core business goals and helping it reach them. We’re seeing now that companies and even schools have invested in the technology needed to operate remotely, it could bring about long-lasting change. School in the northern United States, for instance, would never have to shut down for a “snow day”; instead, the students could do their school from home. Insurance company CFOs that we’ve worked with are realizing that they don’t necessarily have to pay high rents and utility bills for large office spaces.

At the same time, we’re aware that remote work operations can pose cybersecurity problems. That’s why we use a “defense in depth” system to keep malicious third parties at bay. Our cybersecurity system is modeled after the structure of a Medieval castle that had various defense mechanisms that operated independently yet could be used together to keep out invading armies. Likewise, we use various tools and strategies to prevent breaches; our cybersecurity tools operate independently from each other but work in tandem to keep remote operations safe at all times.

Why Call Us

One of the main reasons Realized Solutions has been successful to date is that the company puts a premium on customer trust. Additionally, the company makes it a point to look beyond current technology trends and sales stats to see what clients need to be successful long-term. Unlike other fly-by-night firms, Realized Solutions aims to be the company you call not just now but 15 to 20 years from now. Give us a call at your convenience if you’re looking for customized, long-term IT solutions that can help you save time and money, boost cybersecurity and business efficiency, and increase sales.