Need an Upgrade?

Business leaders have a responsibility to ensure systems are secure, current, and maintainable. From start to finish, a lot of planning and communication goes into an upgrade of a system and a successful deployment.

Business leaders have a responsibility to ensure systems are secure, current, and maintainable. Significant planning, communication, and follow-through is required for a successful outcome.

One partner needed an upgrade of their custom web portal and custom built ERP solution. RSI put a plan in place to update the solutions from .NET Core 2.2 to .NET 6, and perform a significant upgrade to a third party tool integrated within the solution. RSI evaluated systems to determine that there were several pieces needing updates as prerequisites. Upgrading systems decreases the risk of running unsupported critical software, minimizing both maintenance and security risks.

The RSI team researched the third party tool and its various versions.  The scope of the upgrade became larger than originally anticipated as a result.  Licensing needed to be evaluated and confirmed for both development/testing and production usage.  RSI Collaborated with the third party technical team to uncover that the underlying .NET framework was not compatible with the newer version.  The team decided to move forward with updating the underlying framework of the entire solution at the same time.

As with any update, and especially a large one jumping from frameworks several years old to a more modern framework, thorough testing of the solution was necessary to ensure all pieces still functioned as expected. The modern framework called methods slightly differently, “lazy loading” was handled differently, and there were differences in the way data was handled when connecting to the database.  RSI performed thorough regression testing to mitigate the risks of unforeseen issues as a result of technology changes.

Team members communicated early and often with both the third party and the partner to move the upgrades forward. This partner can rest easier knowing that they are now running a long-term supported version of underlying technology.  Their system is more maintainable, sustainable, and secure as a result.

Are your systems in need of an upgrade?  Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve the security and resiliency of your critical systems, and gain peace of mind your systems are operating as effectively as possible.