3 Reasons You Need A Microsoft Partner For Your Business

Hiring a Microsoft Partner brings their wealth of knowledge and expertise of Microsoft products into your corner.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Microsoft Partner For Your Business

There is a good chance that, if you’re reading this, you need tech help in one way or another. However, not all IT companies are alike, and some don’t even qualify to offer support for Microsoft software and devices.

This is why hiring a Microsoft partner is important. By working with someone who knows the particulars of the systems you already use, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the right product or service for your needs and that you won’t have to deal with frustrating downtime.

But that’s not all – here are three benefits of hiring a Microsoft partner for your business:

Expert Guidance With Selecting And Managing New Technologies

For many organizations, choosing the right hardware and software is challenging. Should you stick to on-premises equipment, and if so, what is right for you? Or should you switch to the cloud for anytime, anywhere accessibility, and greater resiliency? An expert Microsoft partner can help you manage the process.

Whether you’re looking for the right PC to run your Microsoft 365 apps, or you need help implementing specific applications to help your team work more efficiently, your Microsoft partner can provide expert guidance in the decision making process, saving you a ton of time and money while making sure your environment is cohesive.

Harness Microsoft’s Mobile Solutions

Is your staff often working in the field, at client locations, or anywhere else outside of the office? Then they will benefit from a Microsoft partner’s expert insight into using Microsoft technologies.

From Surface and Surface Pro devices to true mobility with 4G LTE laptops, there’s little you can’t do while on the go. Plus, if you need a robust smartphone solution, several Nokia models run on the Windows mobile operating system.

Keep Your Team Connected In The Cloud

In your time working remotely, have you found a collaboration tool that works for you and your team? As you phase more and more employees back to the office, it will be important to keep them and remote employees connected.

Microsoft 365 can be a powerful tool in that regard, providing a secure and feature-rich platform for collaboration, with a range of useful apps:

  1. SharePoint: This is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to backup, store, retrieve, and collaborate on spreadsheets, documents, presentations, databases, and much more. It seamlessly integrates with the more popular of Microsoft’s products, Microsoft 365, and has the capacity of being configured for a wide variety of applications and workflows.
  2. Teams: This is a chat-based workspace that brings people together to collaborate, communicate, and share content. It offers a flexible environment that makes everything visible, integrated, and accessible to your staff. It’s a messaging application where everyone in one place can access all conversations, meetings, and notes, and it’s a hub where you can work together with the security and real-time communication you need for collaboration.

Realized Solutions, Inc. Will Be Your Microsoft Partner

Realized Solutions, Inc. is proud to be a premier Microsoft partner, offering a wide range of technology services designed to help you keep your mid-sized enterprise running smoothly and effectively.

Best of all, we understand virtually everything there is to know about Microsoft’s latest tech and attend the latest trade shows and conferences to stay updated. It’s our goal to grow your current business into one that is thriving while utilizing a variety of Microsoft apps, tools, and services.

Are you ready to learn more? Click here to contact our team at Realized Solutions, Inc. today to start the discussion about your Microsoft technology needs.