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The Power Of Microsoft Forms For Connecticut Businesses

Microsoft Forms is something your business can use on a daily basis to improve efficiency and run your business more smoothly. If you are looking for a fresh new way to track information and analytics, get to know Microsoft Forms as it might have everything you need. If you are already running the full Microsoft Office suite in your business, then you are just one step away from implementing Forms as well, giving you a full package of tools for you to use in your business.

Microsoft Forms Support In Connecticut

What Are Microsoft Forms?

Use Microsoft Forms to manage things like surveys and quizzes, just for starters. Surveys can be vital to the success of a business as they can help you learn what you are doing right, and what could stand an improvement. Whether you are taking a poll of your employees to see how their work life can be improved, or if you want to reach out to your customers and gauge their happiness level, Microsoft Forms can help you manage surveys that can accomplish this.

You will be able to see real-time results and data-driven analytics. This means you won’t have to sift through survey results and try to decipher what they all mean. Microsoft Forms will do that for you, and consolidate the information in a way in which you can use it. Analyzing data and results is how you can improve your business. Surveys let you see what might be going wrong and can help you identify a weak spot in your business that you might not have been aware of.

How You Can Use The Information

Surveys are only as good as what you do with the information. Once Forms pulls together and outputs all your analytics, you can use that data to make informed decisions about the future of your business. What trends are you seeing? Are customers happy with your quality but not your prices? Learn what makes your customers happy, and then you can go tweak your business model to indirectly answer any complaints that might have been flushed out by a survey.

Don’t forget about internal employee surveys either. With so much of the world shifting the way it does business, many employees are adapting to a new hybrid environment. Don’t be afraid to survey your employees and find out what motivates them. Getting, and retaining, top talent is one of the most important things you can do as a company. Use Microsoft Forms to track what is working internally within your organization.

Integration With Other Microsoft Products

Most businesses rely a lot on Microsoft Office, using that package of products for a variety of things across their business. Whether it’s Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or something else, you can integrate your work with Microsoft Forms to make sure you are collaborating in the best way.

The easiest way to integrate these products is to use Forms to create a quiz or survey and then imbed that right into another product. Maybe you are using PowerPoint to give a presentation and at the end you want to survey your audience, you can put a link to the survey right into your presentation and then email that out to the group after your presentation.

In this case, you are taking advantage of information that is fresh in your audience’s mind, which is the best time to send out the survey. Without using Forms, you might end up waiting days or weeks to send the survey out, and the results could be skewed after your audience forgets what was presented.

Export To Excel

You can also easily export all survey results to Excel, which is going to make it easier to interpret the results. You can create graphs and columns and sort through data with ease in Excel. If you are an organization that needs to flow things up the chain, think of Forms as the way you can get survey results on the ground floor and then turn around and put the results into Excel or a presentation and flow it up the chain.

Your executives aren’t going to want to see the nitty-gritty results, but they will like the metrics and graphs that you can create with the results. Microsoft Forms is how you can get detailed information, and another product within the Microsoft family is how you can make the information presentable and ready for C-Level executives.

Think about exporting Forms as a way to clean up the results and present them to people who might not know the intricate details of your business.

Pair Forms With Microsoft Teams

As your business and your employees continue to adapt to a hybrid work environment, consider partnering Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Teams. Teams lets your employees collaborate with ease, sharing files, folders, and presenting to each other remotely.

You can also work with Microsoft Forms on this platform, making it easy for your employees to work together and create a survey. If you are looking for your employees to create a survey to send out to customers, this could be vital to your organization’s success. Partnering Teams and Forms is a great way to encourage your employees to collaborate and work together even when they might not be physically sitting in the same workspace.

With Microsoft Teams, it has never been easier for employees to work together across different platforms, and Forms is another tool that can help make that easier.

Microsoft Forms Support In Connecticut

Are you ready to take the plunge and start using Microsoft Forms on a regular basis? Reach out and contact us today! We will provide you with a free consultation and explain all the different ways your business can specifically implement Microsoft Forms. You can find ways to incorporate Forms into your daily business operations, and our team has expertise in all Microsoft products! If you are wondering how exactly to implement Forms and make the most of it, give us a call and we can explain all the features of Forms to you!