Managed IT Services Provider In Southington CT

Realized Solutions provides IT services and IT support in Southington CT. Looking for a great IT partner? Call John Beyer at Realized.

Managed IT Services Provider In Southington CT

Let Realized Solutions provide the IT solutions you need at a cost your growing business can afford.

Is your business thriving because of technology or despite it? Is there an overwhelming feeling within your organization that the technology solutions you have could do more? Do you need a partner to make your business successful by improving your tech assets?

If so, talk to Realized Solutions, a top managed it service provider in Southington CT.

We understand that in today’s wired world, how you use technology will determine your success. We will select the best mix of technology systems, hardware, and software to boost your productivity, shorten your sales lifecycle, and improve customer service. What’s more, with our help, you will see a positive impact on your bottom line.

At Realized Solutions, we provide managed IT services and tech support packages tailored for small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable monthly fee.

Realized Solutions is my trusted IT services company for my Southington business. Thanks to the entire team for all their help over the years.

Graham Snyder

How Realized Solutions IT Services Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

We understand that you require managed IT services to fit your unique needs. The specific advantages we provide include:

  • We give you a way to beat your competition to market due to our capacity to introduce the latest technology innovations to the market rapidly.
  • As an experienced technology partner, we are the catalyst you need to enter and execute your vision into new markets quickly.
  • Realized Solutions helps you to reduce your investment in non-critical support functions, easing your financial burden. As a result, we give you the ability to respond to opportunities and execute your strategic vision swiftly.
  • Outsourcing your IT services to us enables your business to focus on its core competencies and build skills that add value to your customers.

Network and Server Management

We will keep your server and network issues minimum, thanks to our flagship Network Management service. This service prevents costly downtime and disruption to your business. We have event management and monitoring solutions that will help you locate potential issues, improve your network’s performance, and proactively stop problems.

We continually run scans, provide software patches, and offer hotfixes and antivirus definitions as part of our comprehensive threat management solutions to ensure your network is secure.
Our team has technical expertise in the following fields:

  • Server Management: Realized Solutions provides consultation, ongoing management, design, and implementation, as well as configuration for a range of services including Servers, Directory/Account Administration, Monitoring, Internet and Broadband, Cabling, and Ethernet, LAN, VLAN and Wireless, Mobility, VPN. To protect your business and ensure your IT systems run smoothly, we offer several Sever Care maintenance levels. We have a 24/7 server monitoring system that gives alerts if it detects any issues.
  • Security: We provide industry-leading IT security services designed to shield your critical IT infrastructure from harm. We will assess possible vulnerabilities and provide routine security functions. Our tech team has the expertise and experience to reduce the risk posed by online threats, including phishing, data breaches, and ransomware.
  • Business Continuity: We will design effective Business Continuity plans and strategies that address the impact an unexpected outage would have on service delivery to your customers. We have a data backup and recovery solution to get you back up and running as soon as possible in a natural disaster or catastrophic event.

Managed IT Services Southington CT

Software Development and Planning

We are one of the IT companies near Southington, CT that designs, implements, and delivers integrated software solutions based on best practices and follow software design and architecture principles. Our software development team is conversant in all the most common programming languages and frameworks and is adept at determining different businesses and industries’ priorities and needs. We provide the following software development solutions:

  • Needs Analysis & Consultation: We carry out a needs assessment as the initial part of our software development plan. The needs analysis consultation establishes deficiencies in your existing software so we can build sophisticated and improved solutions. By gathering information during the needs assessment step of product development, we ensure that we effectively incorporate your wants and needs into our software development process.
  • Software Development: Our team of certified and experienced software developers has extensive knowledge of the best application development techniques. The team will carry out specification design, development, implementation, and deployment, and will also train your staff on the use of your new software to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your tech solutions.
  • System Integrations: If you need to integrate disparate systems that you use for your business, you need to know the fundamental business processes and the business entities to map between various systems. We have business analysts and technical architects who will work in close contact with your staff to ensure you align your strategies to your business goals.

Virtual CIO

In this time of digital transformation, intense competition, and high growth, you need need to virtualize many corporate roles. The Virtual CIO role is now gaining popularity as a cost-effective method for small businesses to get a senior executive position’s expertise. Our Virtual CIO is a dedicated resource that serves as your Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis. CIO’s primary role is to formulate your company’s strategic IT goals and manage strategic IT budgets to meet those goals. Our virtual CIO role gives your business the following advantages:

  • We help your business act on potential opportunities through investment in technology. We combine your knowledge of your business sector and our experience in technology solutions to make great things happen.
  • We provide a crucial management role at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time CIO.
  • We provide the skills you need to give your company’s management team an understanding of your business and its technology meet.

Industry-Leading IT Services For Your Business at an Affordable Cost

Realized Solutions is a top managed IT Solutions Company in Connecticut that will make a difference in running your business. For almost 20 years, we have been a provider of exceptional IT infrastructure support to organizations of all sizes. A majority of our clients have trusted us to handle their IT needs for more than a decade. The services we provide will expand or contract according to your business needs. Our skilled consultants know how to optimize your IT solutions to give you the best value from the technology you invest in.

Talk to Realized Solutions about your technology goals, and find out why we are one of the top IT companies neat Southington, CT.