Industry-Leading IT Services and IT Support for Healthcare Organizations

Realized Solutions provides leading IT services and IT support for healthcare organizations across the United States. Contact our team of healthcare IT services professionals.

Industry-Leading IT Services and IT Support for Healthcare Organizations

Make Realized Solutions your healthcare IT Services partner. Our team of IT service professionals will take care of all your business IT needs and provide effective IT services, assisting with compliance, cybersecurity, and the ongoing optimization of your technology.

Looking For Expert IT Services For Medical Businesses?

Realized Solutions is a premier and reliable IT service provider for the healthcare industry. Our solution stack gives our healthcare clients the peace of mind they need to know their patients and practices are protected. We keep your IT environment operating smoothly, so you can focus on practicing medicine.

Industry-Leading IT Services and Support for Healthcare Organizations


Compliance Assessment & Strategy

Our compliance services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your IT systems, the findings of which are compared with compliance cybersecurity controls. Our team will then develop a strategy to mitigate any risks of noncompliance, providing detailed documentation so that you can demonstrate your commitment to compliance.


Once the assessment is complete and the strategy has been developed, our team gets to work implementing any necessary changes in order to bring you to a state of confident compliance. No matter what aspect of your cybersecurity is lacking, we will match it with a tested and proven solution to make sure it doesn’t put you at risk any longer.

Compliance Management

Compliance is not a one-time effort. Ongoing compliance requires ongoing management, monitoring your systems for any potential cybersecurity instances, and reporting to the appropriate parties. As your IT systems age, and compliance requirements are updated, our team will make sure you stay compliant, applying necessary changes as need be.


As your Chief Information Officer, Realized Solutions will be your trusted advisor to consult on every big decision that involves technology and answer all the other small questions along the way.

Proper planning not only helps you to avoid technological missteps that can often result in IT issues, but it also adds further value to your company as it develops. Having an experienced technology professional in your corner provides you and your organization with a key technology advisor.


Server Management

Thanks to a 24/7 monitoring and alert system, we will proactively be alerted to potential issues affecting your servers’, allowing us to address the issues with corrective action before bigger problems arise.


We will install and manage all aspects of your network, from firewalls to routers and switches, to keep your practice’s data and sensitive information confidential and secure.

Business Continuity

We will help your practice implement a continuity plan consisting of backup and disaster recovery to protect your practice from the fallout of a natural disaster or other catastrophic events.


Analysis & Consultation

We will help you discover efficiencies through our knowledgeable analysis, assessment, and perspective.

Design & Development

From planning, design specification, development, management, implementation, deployment, and training, we have the experience and skill to make your custom software development project a success.

System Integrations

We will help your practice improve efficiency by integrating data across all of your disparate systems. System integration saves time and money and improves data quality.

Our comprehensive suite of services and solutions will ensure you can focus on your patients, not your technology. Set a meeting with our team to discover more about what we will do as your healthcare IT partner.