IT Companies Near Waterbury CT

Confused with all the IT companies near Waterbury, CT? Which company is the right fit for your business? Realize the difference now.

IT Companies in Waterbury, CT: Tips and Tricks For Finding The Best

Let Realized Solutions show you the smart way to handle your business IT needs.

Realized Solutions is a leader among IT companies near Waterbury, CT. We offer smart solutions and the IT support you need for all your technology hardware and software at an affordable, flat monthly fee. With Realized Solutions, you get a professional IT support service that is better and cheaper than trying to handle all your tech issues in-house. We provide an incredibly valuable service for small or medium-sized businesses that need to use the latest technology and require IT support to succeed but do not have the budget to staff a full IT department.

Realized Solutions is our go-to IT company for our Waterbury, CT organization. When our previous IT company could no longer take care of our IT systems, we needed a new IT company to take care of everyone. We turned to Google to find an IT company near Waterbury and called John at Realized. Realized Solutions quickly got to work, did a complete assessment and almost overnight took over the management of our IT.

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Why You Should Use Realized Solutions IT Services

If your company still relies exclusively on an in-house tech to handle all of your computing needs, then you are missing out on the chance to use the latest IT tools and lower your technology budget. You could also delay the resolution of technical issues or cause downtime that could impact your profits and damage your reputation.

Our IT solutions give your business the following advantages:

  • Control of your IT costs.
  • Lower labor costs.
  • Access to a large team of trained, experienced, and certified tech professionals.
  • Increased efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Quick implementation of new technology.
  • The freedom to stay focused on your core business as we handle your tech issues.

Although a capable and experienced in-house technician is valuable to your team, if you are using a highly-trained and well-paid engineer to deploy simple security patches or defragment discs, you are not fully utilizing the talent of this professional.

Suppose you are looking for IT Companies near Waterbury CT to carry out the routine jobs. In that case, while your in-house professional concentrates on strategic technology initiatives, we have the sophisticated managed IT services your business needs.

IT Companies Near Waterbury CT

Network and Server Management

As your SMB grows, you will soon discover that managing your network will become more complex, time-consuming and expensive for an in-house team, and outsourcing routine technical tasks make sense.
We have skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about the equipment and platforms you need for your company to run efficiently and reliably, including setup of cloud computing. We will work with you to ensure you have an optimized system where all the components – hardware, software, and human – work together. What’s more, we design infrastructure that is both secure and salable.

Our technical expertise includes the following fields:

  • Server Management: To keep your business protected and your IT systems are running smoothly, we provide several levels of Sever Care maintenance. Our 24/7 server monitoring system gives alerts if there are any issues. We can proactively take corrective action before any problems escalate.
  • Security: Our IT security services focus on the protection of resources and data held on your servers and in the cloud. We have the tools and techniques to help you prevent hacking, intrusion, and viruses. Our proficient technicians will set up and manage every aspect of your IT systems from routers and switches to firewalls, to keep your sensitive business information secure and confidential.
  • Business Continuity: Each minute of productivity that your business loses due to system downtime results in lost income. We provide a data backup and recovery plan to ensure business continuity in the event of a catastrophic event or natural disaster that causes you to lose data.

Software Development and Planning

We are one of the IT companies near Waterbury CT that designs, implements and delivers integrated software solutions that leverage best practices and follow software design architectural principles.
Our development team is well-versed in an extensive array of programming languages, methodologies and frameworks. Still, we believe our technical team’s biggest strength is in determining your business priorities and needs. Keeping you engaged throughout the entire process, we then refine the scope of work and strive to exceed your expectations.

  • Needs Analysis & Consultation: Our experts have many years of experience in analyzing processes, systems, and operations to provide businesses with the most efficient way to process and use data. We will work closely with your in-house teams and examine your business and technology constraints and potential. We then leverage the design patterns that have brought success to our other clients while adapting them to your unique needs.
  • Software Development: We have a team of certified and experienced software developers with extensive knowledge of the best development techniques. From design specs, management, development, implementation and deployment, and training, our team has the skill and experience to make your project successful.
  • System Integrations: If you are thinking about setting up integration between different systems that you use in your business, you should understand the fundamental business processes and the business entities you should map between your disparate systems. Our business analysts and technical architects will work in tandem with your staff to align the technology and your business goals.

Virtual CIO

We understand that having a full-time CIO as part of your IT department is expensive if you are an SME operating on a restricted budget. Fortunately, we have a cost-effective solution; A Virtual CIO. We help you to navigate the continually evolving world of technology by having our team of tech experts represents this crucial role within your business, providing the strategy, technical vision, budgeting advice, ongoing maintenance, and procurement advice.

Our virtual CIO provides the following advantages:

  • We help you to realize incredible opportunities through investment in great technology. You understand your business, and we know the technology you need. When we come together, great things happen.
  • You gain a crucial management role.
  • We provide the skills to give your company’s management an in-depth understanding of the intersection of your business and its technology.
  • Someone to help you in negotiation, contracting and change management.

Industry-Leading IT Services For Your Business at an Affordable Cost

Realized Solutions is a managed IT solutions company in Connecticut that strives to make a difference. For almost two decades, our team has consistently offered exceptional IT infrastructure support to our clients and provided custom programming for organizations of all sizes.

Many of our clients have used our service for more than a decade. The services we provide will grow in scope or contract in line with their needs as they grow. We have skilled consultants who know how to optimize your business IT solutions to ensure that your company gets the best value from the technology you invest in.

Talk to Realized Solutions about your technology goals, and you will realize why we are unique among IT companies neat Waterbury CT.