Internet Security Awareness in Connecticut

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Attack Vulnerabilities with Internet Security Awareness in Connecticut

Every business and organization in Connecticut is at risk of a cyber attack. In 2021, ransomware attacks on organizations in the United States totaled over $20 billion. When business leaders are confronted with cyber-attacks or data breaches, they begin to worry about the gaps and vulnerabilities in the technology and systems they use and forget to look at the people who are using those technologies and systems daily- their employees.

Human error has consistently been identified as one of the contributing factors to security and data breaches, suggesting that mistakes made by humans not only initiate the risk of cybercrime, but intensify it and the damage they create. The best way for business leaders to combat this ever-growing threat is to create a workplace environment that is risk-aware, and that starts with internet security awareness.

What Is Internet Security Awareness?

Cyber security awareness is a blend of knowing and doing what it takes to protect your most critical assets. When your employees are internet security aware, this means they have an understanding of what the cyber threats and cyber risks are, the impact a cyberattack will have on your business, and the steps that need to be taken to reduce those risks and prevent cybercrime from taking over your workspace.

Creating a workplace culture centered around internet security may not mean that you’ll be eliminating the risk of cybercrime in your business, but it will mean you will do your part in reducing the occurrences of cybercrime and the impact it has on your business. The presence of ransomware, malware, phishing, etc. has grown, becoming more advanced and sophisticated as each new tactic is developed, and we expect to see the growth and evolution of cyber threats and malware to escalate.

New types of malware are being discovered every day, and as more types of malware grow, businesses and organizations have to ensure that they are implementing the best security measures, educating their employees, and eliminating any vulnerabilities and weaknesses that make them more susceptible to an attack. Human error is a horrifying exploit that can lead to fines, penalties, and irreparable business damage.

Internet Security Awareness Best Practices

Rather than simply creating rules that will impede your employees’ ability to get their jobs done on a day-to-day basis, an internet security awareness program should complement the way your employees work. The goal is to support your employees in obtaining the skills and knowledge needed to work, and knowing when to raise their concerns.

Your organization’s internet security will only be as strong as your weakest link, and a cyberattack is more likely to come from one of your own employees rather than from a source outside your organization. When you work to create a risk-aware workplace culture, you are working to prevent your employees from unknowingly becoming involved in cybercrime activity.

When implementing internet security awareness best practices, you have to consider your industry and the trends surrounding the industry. You also have to consider the following:

  • Passwords and Access Privileges
  • Secure Network Connections
  • Device Security
  • Data recovery strategy
  • Cybersecurity threat detection and reaction

Internet Security Awareness Is More Important than Ever

Cybercriminals will always search for vulnerabilities, and when they do find them, you must make sure you have the resources and knowledge to locate their bad intentions as quickly as possible. When you are able to do this, you will be able to contain the damage and get back to day-to-day business operations without experiencing significant damage. Implementing an internet security awareness solution will allow you to analyze your critical data to identify any suspicious activity and flag it as quickly as possible.

Cybercriminals continue to adjust their techniques and tactics to take advantage of new situations. As cybercriminals continue to increase their efforts, internet security awareness will be your most powerful weapon against these evolving threats and techniques. Contact Realized Solutions today to schedule a no-obligation security review of your Connecticut organization’s overall security strategy.