The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

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Co-managed IT Services: Benefits For Connecticut IT Professionals

Your business relies on IT and many technological solutions to run efficiently. These platforms must be managed, monitored, and serviced regularly and consistently to help you get the most out of them. Unfortunately, managing IT resources can be an overwhelming task for an internal IT department. As such, most companies are resorting to outsourcing their IT functions to co-managed IT services.

What is a Co-Managed IT Service?

A co-managed IT service is a partnership that allows your company to collaborate with a professional IT service provider through a defined deal. Based on the expertise, resources, and knowledge that the co-managed IT service brings to the table, the workload within the IT department is shared between your internal team and the third party. This means that your internal IT team remains functional, but gets a boost from an external team with more expertise and resources.

The market for co-managed IT services is growing, with a value of approximately $215.14 in 2020. The projection is that the industry will grow at a rate of 12.7% per year from 2021 to 2028.

This tells you that your company has every reason to partner with a co-managed IT service provider. This will help you gain a business advantage, knowing that your systems are running efficiently with minimal interruptions.

How Your Business Benefits from Partnering with a Co-Managed IT Service?

When you decide to partner with a co-managed IT service, ensure you go for a company with the expertise, skills, and various solutions that will help you achieve your business goals. You also must have open communication with the firm for mutual appreciation and support. Besides, ensure you partner with a team that you can trust to handle your internal systems and oversee their functions. Only then can you enjoy the following benefits:

Overcome Many In-house Challenges 

Working with an internal IT team limits you in many ways. Internal IT teams can only do so much at any one time. They only have a level of expertise to manage specific functions and not others. Besides, sometimes your internal team requires some tools and resources that are too expensive for your company to afford. Further, they are faced with cybersecurity threats every day, which are now growing in size and sophistication.

This is where a co-managed service provider comes in to fill the gap. A reliable IT firm offers you various services, solutions, and resources to fill the gaps within your internal IT team. As such, they provide:

  • Cybersecurity expertise: ransomware, spyware, viruses, and data breaches can bring your business crumbling down. Co-managed IT services come with high-end cybersecurity solutions to keep your systems protected and also monitor them round the clock to stop hacking attempts in their tracks. As such, your teams can continue working instead of worrying about IT security.
  • Help desk services: your internal IT team only works for a specific number of hours in a day. This means that they can only extend their services for a limited time each day. On the contrary, co-managed IT services work around the clock, allowing you to enjoy after-hours IT coverage every day. You will always have IT assistance when you need it, eliminating the trouble of tracking down your internal team when they are at home or out of town.
  • IT advisory services: a good deal of internal IT teams has general IT experience, but they don’t have specialized knowledge about some crucial IT aspects. When you work with co-managed services, you will have access to a wide knowledge base from a professional viewpoint. You can ask about anything, and you will always get reliable answers. With the availability of such crucial information, your business will scale fast.
  • Cloud services: most businesses are moving to the cloud platform, and so should you. Unlike traditional on-premises servers, the cloud is more secure and offers more versatility, allowing you to leverage technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Your team can work from anywhere because they can access your business networks from any location. Besides, cloud solutions allow for real-time collaboration and communication.
  • IT projects management: co-managed IT services come in handy to help you manage significant IT projects. Your internal team is usually overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks and may not have the capacity to handle extra responsibilities. They help you with your overall IT strategy to enable you to move from your current business situation to a fully digitized company. This path is demanding, but a co-managed IT service will help you develop an effective IT development strategy.

Boost Your Internal IT Team

Some internal IT teams feel that co-managed IT service providers come in to jeopardize their careers. This could not be further from the truth. Co-managed IT service boosts your internal IT team by providing greater access to skilled IT experts at a more affordable cost. These professionals are always willing to help whenever the need arises.

In addition to providing an extra hand, IT firms come with a wide range of tools and resources to boost your IT functions. Their focus is on ensuring your technology does not fail or experience data interference. This is why they employ solutions and tools that secure your internal environment and provide ongoing maintenance to mitigate the risk of a data breach.

Consider it a good practice to have a well-versed technical team available when you need them. This will reduce the burden on your IT team and help you stay abreast of emerging security issues, assuring you that you have the best protection possible.

Are You Ready to Partner with a Co-Managed IT Service Provider In Connecticut?

There is a lot you can achieve by partnering with a co-managed IT service provider. They will share the workload with your internal IT team and provide professional help and knowledge whenever you need it. Better still, they allow you to access tools and resources that you would otherwise not be able to acquire. All this is at a flat monthly fee that is cheaper than hiring additional IT employees.

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