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Realized Solutions is an IT company in Connecticut that makes a difference. Realize what makes us unique.

Realize An IT Company In Connecticut Focused On You

At Realized Solutions, Our People Make the Difference

Early in our careers, we realized that there was nothing more important than providing our clients with the tools and information needed to successfully grow their business. So many things can happen as you work through a large IT project — budgets shift, technology platforms evolve and business needs expand, often without warning. Knowing that you have a trusted IT company in Connecticut by your side throughout this type of project may make the difference between a failed attempt at delivery . . . and realizing a solution to your toughest business problems.

Our IT Company in Connecticut Strives to Reduce Team Frustration and Move Projects to Fruition

The team at Realized Solutions understands the unique cadence of custom development projects and how they are deeply intertwined with your company’s IT infrastructure. Without the proper operations platforms in place, it can be nearly impossible to recognize the full value of your IT solutions. Our network engineers and platform developers work together to build innovative and logical solutions from the ground up, always keeping you a step ahead of your competition. Each engagement of our Connecticut IT company is based on the same principles of hard work and dedication, supported by a forward-thinking approach to business and technology development.

Finding Reliable Support from an IT Company in Connecticut

It takes more than technical know-how to shine in any industry, which is why we also cultivate talent who have a strong understanding of the business impact of their decisions. This allows our teams to create a more comprehensive approach to business solutions that include the consideration of people and processes as well as technology. We continually focus on training and ensuring that there is a strong layer of trust between our clients and technical staff. With our focus always on the future, each interaction with clients is defined by our belief in cultivating strong relationships.

Your Business Goals are the Top Priority of Realized Solutions – Your Trusted IT Company in Connecticut

For nearly 20 years, the team at Realized Solutions has been providing exceptional IT infrastructure support and custom programming for companies of all sizes throughout the Connecticut area. Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, with our services expanding and contracting to meet their needs at each business stage. Our consultants are well-versed in how to optimize IT solutions, ensuring that your company obtains the greatest value from your technology investments both upfront and over time. Having the right solutions in place — and the well-configured operations infrastructure to support them — is often one of the most important investments that you will make in an IT company in Connecticut in the coming years. We work hard to ensure that each solution is well integrated, secure, and reliable.

Your Company Deserves Secure, Innovative Solutions That Scale

As your company grows, the demands on your infrastructure can cause business operations to slow to a halt — frustrating customers and employees alike. We understand how to adequately balance performance and cost, so you are only paying for the level of support and speed needed to maintain consistent operations. Our diverse team allows Realized Solutions IT company in Connecticut to offer solutions that may not be available with smaller firms, such as custom scripts that can secure push updates to 1,000 platforms simultaneously. Having access to top-notch engineers and programmers offers your company yet another edge in our holistic approach to business technology.

Protecting Your Home and Office Networks with Defense in Depth

With the changes happening to today’s workforce, we have doubled-down on our dedication to protecting your network through a well-defined defense-in-depth strategy that includes firewalls, antivirus solutions, anti-malware, security policies on individual machines as well as robust backup and disaster recovery policies. Each layer of protection works alone to defend against specific threats while the solutions together create an impenetrable layer of protection around your organization. As an IT managed services provider, we work across the broad spectrum of security solutions to provide the layered, aggressive support that your business needs to protect sensitive digital and physical assets.

Finding the ideal technical solution for your business challenges can feel overwhelming, but the talented and proactive staff of Realized Solutions is here to help. Contact our Southington, CT office at (860) 410-0670, or reach us via email to [email protected] to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.