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Maintaining Reliable Servers

Business relies on your server's data. RSI helps you protect it.

Business owners and IT professionals understand the critical role their servers play in the success of their business. When a server is down or unstable; business and productivity can come to a screeching halt. Critical data can be comprised or lost, and valuable time, opportunities and money go out the proverbial window. To protect your business, servers and sanity, Realized Solutions offers various degrees of Server Care preventative maintenance. With a 24/7 monitoring and alert system, RSI will proactively be alerted to trouble symptoms in your servers performance, allowing RSI to address the issues with corrective action before bigger problems arise. Upgrades and patches will be routinely administered and monthly reporting on server performance and health is available to managers.

With server reliability playing such a critical role in the success of your business, RSI recommends that all businesses have some level of maintenance coverage on their servers. The more comprehensive, proactive, and inclusive the plan is; the better. At a minimum, all server performance should be remotely monitored by diagnostic software. Monitoring performance allows business owners to decide what performance issues should be addressed, how to address them, and when. This offers business owners increased control and decision making power. More importantly, management receives notice of potential problems so they can be acted on before major issues occur.